What is the Melting Pot?

Theoretically this is a lifestyle blog, minus the fashion, beauty and luxury (there are other blogs for that). The lifestyle this blog delves into is that of the complex millennial. The thinker, the doer, the working-through-er (yes I just quoted Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… don’t judge me!).

I really struggled to determine who, why and what Millennial Melting Pot was going to be for, and it seems it might just be you!

Admittedly I was certain that this site was going to get lost in the sea of millennial bloggers, because it might not have the same clarity as some of the other online spaces available to readers. The truth is that I had so many ideas that I wasn’t sure where to start, or if it was worth the effort to “niche down” and deliver for whatever audience I’d conjured in my head – especially before I had a chance to connect and share a bit (shh… don’t tell anybody I broke the cardinal rule of blogging!).

Where I fell flat was attempting to capture just one facet of what made my potential audience unique.

Here I wanted to dive into all of the corners of being a millennial, regardless of what those corners looked like.

I found myself thinking “I’m writing for mid-late generation millennials, right? That’s me. Some of us are thriving and some of us are just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.” I didn’t want to be curating a blog that people couldn’t connect with in a genuine way, and then it hit me.

Those of us who were floating around the ‘89-‘94 cluster of millennials are grossly caught in between truly “having things together” and riding the wave that was left for us by generations before. We’re aware of who and what we are, but some of us are still working through the Big Lies we were sold as children – hence the occasional (and wildly inconsistent) social commentary and self-care content. We’re all still in the midst of doing the work to break some cycles in order to get the most of our lives.

We’re the thinking generation after all (or so we’ve been told!): the ones to swoop in and solve things? Maybe that’s why so many bloggers are millennials. We’re all here trying to help solve problems for somebody on the internet. It’s precisely how we’ve been taught to use the internet.

This site is exactly what the name suggests: a melting pot. It is a melting pot of content that I’ve pulled together for the eclectic, inconsistent, and sometimes disconnected millennial reader.

In the near or distant future, the content here may become more specific and focussed, or be weaved together more cohesively. Until then, what you will find here are several strands of content that converge on the intersection of millennial working life, personal development, and empowerment. Each strand can serve its purpose in isolation from the others, but there are definitely going to be times where they will overlap – even if that isn’t immediately clear, and as a blogger, I will do my best to build those connections for you in as authentic a way as possible.

So, welcome and happy reading.